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Stock Market Algorithm Contest

Mussallem Investments invites you to join our annual algorithm contest for an all cash prize. All applicants will have one month to submit your algorithm.


Objective: The objective of this program will be to analyze how several variables interact/correlate with each other throughout the history of the stock market. You will receive a folder of data including all data necessary to create this algorithm. 



  1. Must be able to select any date to analyze the data on.

  2. You will provide key insights to any given year such as; top/bottom performing stocks/sectors,

  3. Must show most common fundamentals (Debt/Equity, Revenue Growth, FCF Yield, EPS Growth, P/E Ratios, etc. for the top/bottom stocks/sectors.

  4. Must provide key economic data including by not limited to the following: interest rates, GDP growth, inflation levels, unemployment levels, etc. 

  5. Code must be written in Python, R, or C++


First place wins a cash price of $5,000 (USD). The winner will be selected two weeks after the end date. The professor of any student that wins the competition will also receive a cash prize of $1,000 (USD). All payments will be sent via PayPal.



To enter the contest, click Upload button below and please make sure to include your PayPal information. We will respond with the file containing all the data needed for the contest. Good Luck!

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